Trust, Quality, and Insights: Empowering Data-Driven Decisions

FOSS IQX is a dedicated digital food safety management system that simplifies managing analytical instruments, food safety compliance, and supplier collaboration.

An Integrated Solution To Meet The Growing Challenges Of The Food Industry

A Dedicated Solution

Tailored for food processors, FOSS IQX is designed as the best software for the Food & Beverage Industry, aiming to seamlessly connect partners and functions. This evolving platform, a best-in-class software solution, helps customers to enhance consistency and efficiency while reducing errors, striving to create a smoother operational experience that aligns with your needs.  

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Easy to Use

Our software tool offers user-friendly processes for compliance and task management, which streamline food processing workflows and helps mitigate potential penalties and legal risks.

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Rapid Insights

A platform that offers rapid insights for timely decisions by analyzing data across processes & systems. Proactive issue management maintains quality & safety, fast processing reduces downtime & boosts productivity.

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Built For Today, Ready For The Future

FOSS IQX is the only platform available today integrating the three most critical areas the Food & Agriculture industry is demanding: Device Management, Food Safety, & Supplier Quality.

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What Makes FOSS IQX Different

Built for the Future

FOSS IQX is designed to grow capabilities to cover future needs – we’re not just a point-based solution

Built for the Future

Device Agnostic

FOSS IQX will interpret competitor instrument data so you can manage your whole fleet of devices in one place

Device Agnostic

Changing the Game in Food and Agriculture

Deliver actionable insights for informed decision-making by streamlining operations, reducing errors, and improve efficiency

Changing the Game in Food and Agriculture

FOSS IQX Delivers Outcomes That Matter


FOSS IQX operations platform is supporting vast fleets of customers devices around the world.

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Stored Data Sets

As a trusted partner, our data management systems ensure that information is secure, accessible, and organized.

Stored Data Sets


Software Solutions to Link Everything Together

All you need is one with FOSS IQX.

Software Solutions to Link Everything Together


Ready to Harness the Power of Your Data All from One Place?

  • Eliminate time consuming paperwork
  • Automate compliance reporting
  • Simplify instrument, food safety, and
    supplier quality management

image - IQX Full Software Suite