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One Digital Platform for Food Quality

Enhance your operations with an all-in-one integrated SaaS suite that includes Device Management, Food Safety, and Supplier Quality workspaces.

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IQX™ Essentials

Establish the foundation for success with essential tools for your business.

IQX™ Plus

Next level performance with enhanced functionality and features.

IQX™ Power

Complete business empowerment with optimized features and integrations.

FOSS IQX Plans & Features

Device Management Essentials Plus Power
Build and maintain structure of the network.
Roles & Resources
Assign Device Management roles and resources to users.
Product import
Import Measurement Configuration Files (MCF) into the network.
Build and maintain products.
Instrument Settings
Maintain settings specific to instrument groups and individual instruments.
Instrument Software
Import new software packages for distribution to instruments within a network.
Sample Sets
Create and maintain sample sets for various purposes.
Measure and adjust across your products, models, and instruments.
Instrument Data
Visualize samples and other data uploaded from the connected instruments.
Configure recipes for meat-based products.
Data Storage
Cleanup older data to ensure that the allotted amount of samples for each instrument is not exceeded.
Create and monitor update sessions.
Report Templates
Import new or updated report templates.
NIR Standardization
Provide standardization of a group of NIR instruments of the same type.
Health Reports
Access health reports from individual instruments.
Health Notifications
Define which users will receive which notifications from individual instruments.
Advanced Slope/Intercept
Recall models that should no longer be used on a disconnected instrument from the network.
Model Authorization
Visualize samples and other data uploaded from your connected instruments.
Report & Insights
Provide access to various Power BI based reports providing insights on data.
Sample Matching
Use analyzed results from a master instrument as reference values for one or more less accurate satellite instruments.
API Access
Integration between FOSS Connect Cloud and customer ERP systems or similar.
Food Safety Essentials Plus Power
Document Management
Centralize your SOP management in one flow.
Hazard Control Plan
Identify and document key control points to deal with food safety risks.
Internal Audit
Conduct internal audits and manage your non-conformities.
Get a quick overview of your employees training status.
Task Manager
Simplify the registration and management of your operational tasks.
Report Builder
Get relevant information and history across the food safety modules.
Supplier Quality Essentials Plus Power
Supplier Information
Find all documentation related to suppliers.
Complaint Management
One overview of complaints.
Supplier Audit
Plan and document audits during onboarding a supplier or a conducting a status review.
Supplier Quality Evaluation
Evaluate the history of supplier material quality with instrument data.

Ready To Harness The Power Of Your Data All From One Place?

  • Eliminate time consuming paperwork
  • Automate compliance reporting
  • Simplify instrument, food safety, and
    supplier quality management

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